Having a drug offense on your record in Denver, Colorado can make your life more difficult, including obtaining employment or getting professional licenses. Drug offenses can also jeopardize your reputation including possession of illegal drugs, driving under the influence, and sale or manufacture charges. If you’ve been accused of or charged with any of these drug crimes in Denver, it’s time to speak to a drug possession attorney from Baumgartner Law who can protect and defend your rights every step of the way.

Drug Possession Laws in Denver, Colorado

In Colorado, it’s illegal to possess certain drugs that have the potential for abuse. According to state drug possession laws, the drugs that are illegal to possess are categorized into five schedules. Schedule 1 is the worst drugs including heroin or LSD/PCP. Schedule II includes drugs with the potential for abuse, but have medicinal uses such as crystal methamphetamine, morphine, fentanyl, cocaine and painkillers such as Percocet or Vicodin. The schedule keeps going down, until we reach Schedule V, which includes medicinal drugs with the lowest potential for abuse such as cough syrup. These drug possession laws can be complicated, and this makes it important to hire a drug possession attorney at Baumgartner Law who understands them and can uphold them in court when needed.

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