In Colorado, a controlled substance is a drug or chemical that is illegal to distribute to anyone without a prescription. This makes it against the law to be in possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Specific controlled substances are classified into five different schedules. The lower the schedule number, the higher the chance for addiction, and the more serious the punishment. A drug crimes attorney from Baumgartner Law can help represent those who are facing these types of criminal charges.

Fighting Possession of Controlled Substance Charges

When dealing with possession of controlled substance charges, a prosecutor must prove that you knew the drugs were in your possession. The charges become more complicated if shared possession is involved. When two or more people are arrested for shared possession of a controlled substance, this means that police believe that either or they even both had possession, but they can’t clarify the specifics of the situation.

Defending These Criminal Charges in Denver

If you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, our expert legal team in Denver can help you. We’ve defended countless drug-related charges and know how to maneuver the legal system effectively for our legal clients in Denver. Possession of controlled substance charges can result in various penalties in Colorado. To schedule a free legal consultation with our drug crimes attorney team, call our law office at (303) 529-3476.

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