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Domestic Violence Attorney Denver

In Colorado, domestic violence is defined as an act or threat of violence between current or previous intimate partners in a domestic situation. Even in a situation where neighbors overhear a loud argument between two, if the police are called, someone can easily wind up in jail. A charge of domestic violence leaves a dark mark on anyone's record, and trying to deny any guilt to the police or the authorities can often get the accused individual in deeper trouble. So, if you've been accused of domestic violence, say nothing, and call an experienced domestic violence attorney to defend you. Serving Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, and Boulder, Colorado, we at Baumgartner Law will speak on your behalf and use our knowledge to protect your rights.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is automatically issued when an arrest is made for a domestic violence offense. This restraining order makes any contact with the victim – no matter what it is – another crime with which you can be charged. This is a misdemeanor, as well as a bond violation, and penalties can include fines of up to $5,000 or up to 18 months in jail. Contact includes texting, emailing, calling, stalking, or even contacting one of the victim's family members or friends to try to reach the victim. When a restraining order is issued, your name also goes into an electronic protective order registry. Automatic restraining orders in criminal cases last until the end of the case, including the length of any probation, or until they are modified by a judge.

Civil Protection Orders/Restraining Orders

Civil restraining orders are usually temporary, lasting 14 days, but may evolve into permanent civil restraining orders. At that point, every time a police officer is contacted regarding your activity, he or she will be aware of your name in the registry. A Baumgartner Law domestic violence attorney can help you protect your reputation and keep your record clean.

Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado

Domestic violence laws in the state of Colorado are very strict, as Colorado is a mandatory arrest state. This means that if the police are called as a response to an altercation between intimate or domestic partners, somebody will be arrested whether or not anyone wants to press charges. If the partners are living in the same residence, then the accused partner cannot go home. It doesn't even matter if the alleged victim wants to forgive and forget. This type of charge cannot be dropped once it is in motion. If a court reviews the pertinent facts of the case and decides there is truly evidence of domestic violence or abuse, the court can prohibit you from owning a firearm and order you to enter a domestic violence treatment program. And, again, with the arrest comes an automatic restraining order, which, if made permanent, gets your name in the electronic registry of domestic violence offenders. If you've been previously convicted of domestic violence three or more times, you can be charged as a “habitual offender” and your charge will also be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony, resulting in prison time and fines of up to $100,000. A Colorado domestic violence attorney from Baumgartner Law can help you navigate the legal waters, increasing the chance of a beneficial favorable outcome.

Speak to a Family Violence Lawyer for Legal Advice

So, if you have been accused of domestic violence, say nothing, and immediately contact a family violence lawyer for legal advice. Call Baumgartner Law at (720) 626-9418 for a professional initial consultation. We serve Denver, Lakewood, Aurora and Boulder, Colorado, and are waiting to hear from you.

f you have been charged with a domestic violence, whether it has been filed as a misdemeanor or a felony, you need the expertise of a domestic violence assault attorney who knows how to put the DA's office in their place. Baumgartner Law has a history successfully defending domestic violence charges. These cases often need to be taken to trial because the DA's office will not be reasonable. The DA will not be fair with you, and a Public Defender will not fight for you. We will. Every time.

Domestic violence charges are among the most embarrassing and degrading charges you can face. A domestic violence conviction will blacken your record for employers, educators, and others. You cannot afford to roll over on a domestic violence charge. You have to fight these charges and you need an attorney who knows how to do this.


Facing Accusations:

Police officers are supposed to protect and serve, but all too often they are the perpetrators of heinous civil rights violations. Unfortunately, prosecutors will almost never hold them to account; and their fellow officers almost always rally around to protect them from the law. At Baumgartner Law, our main focus is Police Brutality. We know that if conscientious lawyers don't hold the police to account, no one will.

Recent Success Stories:

  • Winston H was charged with assaulting his girlfriend after himself being the victim of his girlfriend's attacks. He called the police, but when they came, he was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence Assault. After building a solid defense, Birk Baumgartner was able to obtain a dismissal of all charges.
  • Vince L. was charged with Domestic Violence Assault, and the prosecutor tried to bring felony assault charges. Not only was Birk Baumgartner able to prevent the charges from being filed as a felony, he was able to force a dismissal of all charges.
  • Michael R. was charged with assault twice within six months, for separate events. One charge was an allegation of domestic violence. Each time, Baumgartner Law was able to get the charges dismissed without a trial.

**These stories, while true, are not meant to be an indication of the results you should expect in your case. Every case is different and there are too many variables to make any prediction in the outcome of a particular case. No attorney can promise you a particular result in any case.


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