Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Colorado classifies drugs into five schedules. Drug laws include possession, trafficking, sale, manufacturing, and distribution. Convictions for drug crimes can lead to serious penalties in Denver. A drug crimes defense attorney from Baumgartner Law can represent you the way that you deserve and build a strong defense for you. Our professional legal team understands all drug laws in Colorado and can help you get reduced or dropped charges, when applicable.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

The penalties for drug crimes in Denver vary by crime. A Class 1 misdemeanor can lead result in up to 18 months in jail and $10,000 in fines. Meanwhile, a Class 2 misdemeanor can lead to a year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Felonies carry stricter punishments. For example, a Class Level 4 Drug Felony carries six months to one year in prison and up to a $100,000 in fines, while a Level 1 Drug Felony can carry 8 to 32 years in prison and fines up to $1,000,000. A drug crimes defense attorney can explain the penalties associated with your crime and help you to get a reduced penalty or a dismissal of your charges.

Drug Possession Defense

There are many ways to fight drug charges in Colorado. For example, a defendant may allege that the drugs belong to someone else; that they did not know they were in possession of the drugs, or that they did not know the substance was an illicit drug. Illegal search and seizure is another of many defenses. A drug possession defense lawyer from Baumgartner Law can tailor your defense to the details of your case.

Drug Trafficking Defense

Drug trafficking is one of the most severe drug charges in Colorado. This is defined as the sale and/or purchase of illegal drugs or the manufacturing, transportation or importation of illegal drugs across state or national borders. The charges and penalties associated with drug trafficking vary depending on the schedule and amount of the drug involved. A drug trafficking defense attorney from Baumgartner Law can help you to fight these charges.

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