A DUI is a criminal offense in Colorado that is proved by either impaired functioning or unlawful blood or breath alcohol of over .08. A DUI attorney from Baumgartner Law in Denver offers DUI defense for those facing these charges. We have years of experience defending clients and helping them to get either reduced or dropped charges with our DUI defense strategies. We also understand all DUI laws in Colorado and can uphold them in negotiations and trial when needed.

DUI Charges in Colorado

Even if this is someone’s first DUI conviction in Denver, this can lead to a 9-month license suspension. Also, for anyone arrested for DUI who refused a chemical test, an Ignition Interlock Device may be required on their motor vehicle. This device requires that you blow into the device before starting the car and during periodic intervals while you’re driving. In Colorado, an aggravated DUI charge means that an individual exhibited a BAC of .17 or higher, which yields hefty penalties including potentially more jail time and more fines.

Common DUI Defenses in Denver, Colorado

A professional Denver DUI attorney can take the time needed to investigate possible defenses to see if they apply to each client’s case. These defenses can often lead to reduced or dropped charges. Some possible DUI defense strategies include:

  • Defendant wasn’t driving: If someone didn’t intend to drive and was merely sitting or sleeping in their car, their charges may be dropped.
  • No probable cause: Police can only legally detain and arrest someone when they have probable cause if they’re drunk prior to pulling them over, not merely because they left a bar.
  • Breathalyzer Malfunction: Equipment malfunction, police misuse, or other issues can all lead to false positives.

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