When it comes to divorce or the breakup of two unwed parents in Denver, child custody becomes an issue. This can create stress or tension for both parents involved. For individuals divorcing, this is a central issue in their legal process. Many times, Denver courts will award one parent primary custody while taking into consideration the relationship of each parent with the child as well as the child’s wishes. A child custody attorney in Denver from Baumgartner Law can help to be your legal advocate and to streamline this legal process for you. We are well versed in all child custody laws in Colorado and can represent your best interests both in and out of court.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer to Represent You

A Denver child custody lawyer from our law firm is experienced in knowing how to support both parents during a child custody battle. We take the necessary time to present only a fact-based argument that is important in giving our clients the best chance in negotiations. Whether medical care, education, visitation schedules or other topics related to children, we can work hard to make sure that both parties come to a satisfactory agreement. We try our best to do what’s best for the children involved by helping to devise a fair and balanced parenting plan.

Child Custody Laws in Colorado

Colorado child custody law orders parents to share legal custody or to have joint legal custody. This means that each parent has equal right to see their child and to make decisions regarding the child. Sole custody is rare and typically only occurs if there is abuse, domestic violence, or imprisonment involved. A Denver child custody attorney can help you to create this parenting plan, so that it works best for your family dynamic.

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