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Hire a Denver Child Support Lawyer

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When two parents decide to end their relationship in Denver, this doesn’t mean their responsibility to their children ends. Parents going through a life change will have important questions about child support for a Denver child support lawyer. How much support will be, how long the payments will last, and how they are paid are all frequent questions for our legal team. With our experience and knowledge of child custody law in Colorado, we can represent those needing our skills and resources during this challenging time. We are a great asset to anyone going through a custody battle. Baumgartner Law has years of experience representing those all over Colorado with family law issues.

Child Support Laws

In Colorado, child support is calculated with a guidelines formula. This is with an income shares method that says that children are entitled to a portion of each parent’s income. Both parents’ gross income is considered with other expenses, including things like child care and health insurance. However, it’s important to understand that these guidelines don’t apply to those with low or very high incomes. With low-income parents, if their monthly gross income is between $850-$1850, then that parent gets a low-income adjustment. Once an award is decided, an order is filed with the court and mailed to both parties dictating how much child support is being paid and when the payment is due each month in Denver. If any modification is needed in the future, such as when a parent loses a job or has a significant income reduction, a child support lawyer from Baumgartner Law can help.

Get Legal Help in a Child Support Situation with a Denver Child Support Lawyer

At Baumgartner Law, our Denver child support lawyers have years of experience working with individuals that need legal help for family law matters. We understand all the guidelines and laws associated with these topics. To schedule a free legal consultation with a Denver child support attorney today, call our law office in Colorado today at 720-626-9418.

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