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Police Brutality Legal Representation in Denver, Colorado

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It’s no secret that we live in troubled times. Many city streets in Denver have become dangerous for those who enforce the law as well as those who live here. The police’s job is to protect and serve the community, but sometimes they make mistakes and overreact in situations leading to police brutality. If you’ve been a victim of this police misconduct in Denver, you have rights, and we can help to protect them every step of the way. A Denver police brutality attorney from Baumgartner Law understands how to help you if you’ve been violated.

Understanding Police Misconduct in Colorado

In Colorado, the police are free to act in their capacity as law enforcement officers and are protected under something called qualified immunity.  This means that they cannot be sued when they are acting reasonably and within the scope of their police work.  However, federal law stipulates that it is a crime for them to deprive any other person of rights that are protected by the Constitution or by other United States laws. Civil law codes state that an officer who violates these rights is liable to whomever they injured, meaning that the police can be sued in criminal and civil court in Denver. It also is illegal to use excessive force, search unlawfully, make false arrests, or discriminate against/harass any person, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, age, or religious affiliation.

Call a Denver Excessive Force Attorney for Legal Advice

If you or a loved one have been falsely arrested or imprisoned or suffered from police brutality, you need legal help on your side. Our Denver police brutality legal team can represent you and protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. We understand the laws associated with these crimes and can help you to recover damages from missed work time from false arrests or even from physical injuries sustained from this misconduct. To schedule a free consultation today in Denver to discuss your situation, call us at 720-626-9418.

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