When you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, it can be devastating. Accidents unfortunately do occur and knowing how to protect yourself if you find yourself in this dire situation is important. A truck accident attorney can represent individuals who have been involved in commercial vehicle accidents in Denver. We understand all Colorado CDL requirements and can investigate whether the driver followed the appropriate laws and was legally driving this commercial vehicle.

What is a Commercial Vehicle?

Commercial vehicles in Denver include ice cream trucks, cargo vans, passenger buses, hearses, garbage trucks, and other vehicles serving a business purpose. Commercial vehicles must carry commercial auto insurance to cover losses or damages associated with commercial vehicles accidents in Denver. Our truck accident attorney can investigate the type of commercial insurance the at-fault driver had to determine the best course of action for a personal injury lawsuit.

File a Claim Against Commercial Vehicles in Denver

If you get into a commercial vehicle accident, collecting on an insurance claim can be a complicated process. With the help of a truck accident attorney, we can navigate the legal process for you while you heal from your injuries. When someone is a victim of an accident caused by a commercial vehicle, they need legal representation by their side to follow the legalities associated with personal injury claims. To schedule a free legal consultation with a Denver truck accident attorney regarding commercial vehicles accidents, call our law office at (303) 529-3476.

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