Whose Insurance Do You Use After a Car Accident?

You’ve been in a car accident that was not your fault. You’re injured, and you want to get all of the money to which you are entitled, but you’re unsure of how to proceed. Baumgartner Law is here to help you out.

In Colorado, the driver who crashes into your car is responsible for paying for the damage to your vehicle and compensating you for your accident-related injuries and damages. However, not all drivers are adequately insured, and some do not have insurance at all. If this happens to you, you have the right to make a claim with your own insurance company for compensation of your accident-related injuries and damages – if you have the right coverage.

You can protect yourself from drivers without enough insurance by carrying uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). UIM coverage pays for accident-related damages caused by a person who either does not have liability insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay for the damages caused. This coverage also applies if you are involved in a hit-and-run collision that is not your fault. If you have UIM coverage, you may file a claim with your insurance company. Your auto insurance company will pay for accident-related damages up to the limits of your policy.

Many people will wonder whether making a claim for UIM coverage will increase their insurance rates. Under Colorado law, making a UIM claim will not affect your insurance rates. The Code of Colorado Regulations 3-CCR 702-5 prohibits insurance companies from increasing premiums on a policy based on making, or payment of, a UIM claim.

UIM coverage is a valuable type of insurance coverage, and you can purchase additional coverage for added protection. In Colorado, before any policy is issued or renewed, the insurance company must offer UIM coverage in an amount equal to liability coverage. C.R.S. § 10-4-609.

Remember, UIM coverage is important to protect yourself against uninsured and underinsured drivers, and most importantly, making a claim for UIM benefits will not increase your rates.