Raising a child as a single mother in Denver is challenging. Our expert legal team at Baumgartner Law protects the rights of mothers in the Denver area. Ultimately, mothers have rights that protect their interests and the well-being of their children. Whether a breakup between two unwed parents or a divorce, mother’s rights in Colorado make sure that you are given the tools you need to raise your child successfully.

Mother’s Rights in Denver

Some types of mother’s rights in Denver, Colorado include:

  • Child support: You have the right to child support to make sure that you and your child have the means to live.
  • Parenting time: If the mother isn’t named a custodial parent, they are entitled to visitation. To make sure that the child develops fully, it’s important that both parents are involved in their life.
  • Custody: Child custody is oftentimes given to the parent who is the most able to raise the child. While this isn’t always the case, the child’s best interest is what determines who gets custody in Denver.

It’s important that the mother’s rights are always represented. With the help of Baumgartner Law and our expert legal team, we have the years of experience needed in family law to make sure that all parties are always fairly represented in Denver.

Custody Rights

Custody is about what is best for the child involved. Mothers who are involved in their children’s lives are more likely to win a custody battle in Denver, Colorado. To win custody, mothers must show that the child wants to live with them. A visitation rights attorney from Baumgartner Law can help mothers like you to get the results you want and deserve for your family.

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