In Colorado, felony menacing occurs when someone uses threat or action to knowingly place or attempt to place another person in fear of being seriously injured. In some states, this is known as battery, but menacing is frequently charged in Denver with assault or domestic violence charges.

Menacing Laws

Colorado Revised Statutes states menacing laws as menacing is a person who commits the crime of menacing if by any threat or action that he or she knowingly places or attempt to place another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. This is a Class 3 misdemeanor but can be a class 5 felony if a deadly weapon is used or the person verbally says they were armed with a deadly weapon.

Penalties for Felony Menacing in Denver

For Colorado Class 5 felonies, one to three years in prison and a fine of $1,000 up to $100,000 may ensue. A felony menacing attorney can offer menacing charges defenses. One of the most popular defense strategies is if your statements weren’t threats. Also, you did not have a weapon on you or didn’t realize your statements would scare someone. Self-defense is also another felony menacing defense used by an attorney from Baumgartner Law.

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