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Sex Crimes Attorney in Denver

Sex crimes refer to illegal acts that are sexual in nature and are committed with or without the consent of the victim. These are some of the most serious crimes that someone can face in the state of Colorado, and can lead to jail/prison time and hefty fines. At Baumgartner Law, we pride ourselves on representing individuals and their families facing these criminal convictions. We fully understand all sex crimes laws in Colorado and can uphold them in all legal proceedings for our clients.

Representing Sexual Assault Criminal Charges

Anyone facing a sex crime charge such as sexual assault knows how stressful and high-stakes this time can be. At Baumgartner Law, we offer aggressive legal representation from experienced sex crimes attorneys. We can represent clients with the following charges: sexual assault, statutory rape, rape, child molestation, prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, and child pornography, to name a few. Our sex crimes attorneys in Denver work diligently to investigate their cases and determine if the allegations are true or not and/or if there’s insufficient evidence that can lead to reduced or dropped charges.

Rape Charges Defense

If you’ve been charged with rape in or around Denver, our sex crimes attorney can defend you. Our years of experience handling complicated sex crimes cases like yours make us a leading choice for criminal defense in Denver. Our strategized defenses have helped innocent people be free of these serious criminal charges. Some possible defenses for rape charges include consent, false accusations, mental incapacitation, manipulation by a third party, or caught cheating on a spouse. At Baumgartner Law, we can investigate your case and determine if any of these defenses work for your particular case in Denver.

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When it comes to sex crimes in Denver, Colorado, Baumgartner Law has the experience and resources needed to successfully represent those charged with this type of crime. Having an experienced sex crimes attorney by your side ensures that you are represented the way that you deserve to be.

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