Immigration Services Offered

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Baumgartner Law is proud to provide immigration and nationality law services as well as criminal defense and representation of non citizens in family law cases. We focus on family-based petitions, deportation defense and appellate work.

Petitions before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

  • Family-based Relative Petitions
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Adjustment of Status to become a Legal Permanent Resident
  • Removal of Conditions on Residency
  • U Non-immigrant Visa for Victims of Criminal Activity
  • T Non-immigrant Visa for Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Asylum
  • Naturalization
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile status
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and
  • Temporary Protective Status

Consular Processing for spouses, children and parents of lawful permanent residents and United States citizens who are eligible to become green card holders after interviews with U.S. Consulates abroad. This includes the filing of both I-601 and I-601A waivers for persons subject to inadmissibility.

Removal Defense

Representation before the Immigration Court for all types of non-citizens. Our expertise includes custody redetermination, defensive applications for immigration benefits ranging from Cancellation of Removal for Certain Non-permanent Residents to Adjustment of Status with Waivers and Asylum claims.

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

Criminal charges can cause harsh and permanent immigration consequences for non-citizen defendants, whether they be undocumented or hold some other status. Even the most minor offenses may have a serious impact on your eligibility for lawful status, whether that be as a TPS or DACA recipient, or applicant for legal permanent residence or citizenship. Indeed, most plea bargains that are beneficial to defendants who are citizens have life changing consequences for non-citizens, even in the most minor of cases.

We work to resolve cases in a manner that is not only beneficial to our clients, but also in a way that minimizes the impact a criminal case may have on our non-citizen clients.

We also represent non-citizens in post-conviction relief cases where our clients have received ineffective assistance of counsel that has resulted in adverse immigration consequences.


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