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When two parents decide to end their relationship, that doesn’t mean that their responsibility to their children ends. Parents who are going through this life change will have important questions for a child support lawyer in Colorado, such as what the amount of support will be, for how long it will be paid, and how to pay for child support. A child support lawyer from Baumgartner Law can answer all of these questions.

Our law firm has years of experience representing individuals all over Colorado in family law and child support services court. We can help you to decide the best possible resolution for your family. We understand that children are in the middle of these situations and will work diligently to ensure they are supported fairly.

Child Support Laws

In Colorado, child support is calculated by using a guidelines formula. The income shares method states that children are entitled to a portion of each parent’s income. Both parents’ gross income is taken into account, along with expenses such as child care and health insurance. However, these guidelines don’t apply to those with very low or high incomes. So, if the monthly gross income is between $850-$1850, that parent gets a low-income adjustment.

Once an award is decided upon, an order is filed with the court and mailed to both parties dictating how much child support must be paid and when the monthly payment is due.

Child Support Modification

There are times when child support modifications are needed. Such instances include when a parent loses a job, has to move, or has a significant income reduction. To modify child support in Colorado, the change in income must be of at least 10%. If the modification is granted, the new order is applied retroactively to the date that the original motion was filed. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with a child support modification, a child support lawyer from Baumgartner Law can help you.

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At Baumgartner Law, we have years of experience assisting families with various family law matters, including child support and child support modification. We understand all child support laws and guidelines and can explain them thoroughly to you.

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