About Baumgartner Law, LLC

My name is Birk Baumgartner, and I am the principal at Baumgartner Law, LLC. I graduated Cum Laude from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, and have been a litigator ever since.

I am the fourth attorney in my family, but unlike my family members, I declined a job at a big law firm. Instead, I decided to dedicate my practice to a limited number of cases, with focused and individualized care and the freedom to take only those cases that I believe are just.

I believe that access to great legal counsel should not be limited to those that can provide large up-front retainers. I will always listen to anyone’s legal questions and provide the best advice possible; and I will work to find a financial arrangement that works for you.

Sean Simeson is an Associate Attorney at Baumgartner Law. Previously, he worked in plaintiff personal injury and workers’ compensation firms where he represented individuals against large insurance companies in state and federal courts.

In addition to his personal injury experience, Sean represents people accused of criminal charges. He focuses on providing thorough and exhaustive representation to all clients from the intake through jury verdict.

In law school, Sean was the President of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund; he was an assistant attorney for Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and he received awards for the highest grades in Criminal Law and American Indian Law.

Sean already has a proven track record of success. He has a personable approach with clients and prides himself on hard work to obtain the best results for his clients.

Our Mission

We are active members of the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, among numerous other professional associations. Our experience encompasses a broad range of legal areas, including: criminal defense; personal injury; police brutality and excessive force; employment law; fraud; contract disputes; and social security disability. If you need an expert in an area of law that we don’t handle, we will help you find the right attorney.